Jamel Baines Starts His Own Real Estate Company

Who is Jamel Baines? & what’s the purpose of his real estate venture?

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Jamel Baines

Baines whose professional background also involves TV acting and film production, Producing an award-winning film. In Los Angeles, where his latest project he facilitated on a full-length feature film with Master P, I Got The Hookup Part II, he also runs Jamel Baines Productions, as well as a short film, Going, Black. On Amazon, both are available for streaming.

ecently, Jamel Baines still remains a California licensed realtor announces the launch of his own real estate “ La Casa Company”. La Casa Company is specialized in the rental of property, the development of real estate, asset management, and acquisitions.

Jamel Baines, the Founder, reports that consumers who are looking for holiday and casual travel will benefit from La Casa company’s short-term rental portfolio domestically and globally.

And he adds that the business of 100% Black owner has a bigger goal: to provide real estate solutions for a growing global marketplace.

“We aim to create long-standing impressions of our neighborhoods and improve our communities with the development we do,” Baines says. With the goal of building many retail, multi-family, small lot subdivision, and mixed-use projects, La Casa Company will soon be moving into construction research and preparing market studies. La Casa Company is now in the entitlement process of numerous small lot subdivision projects in a prestigious neighborhood of Atlanta on the edge of Mid-town through a joint venture.

“Through syndicating equity and joint venture partnerships around the world, our real estate development work focuses on acquiring, managing, developing, and financing value-added urban infill real estate.” The company strives to collaborate on initiatives that set precedents, provide the real estate sector with new insights, and instil pride in their partners.

Media Contact: Jamel Baines
|Company|: LaCasaCompany.com
|Instagram|: @jamelbaines
|Web Site|: https://jamelbaines.com/

Love to write about people’s achievements.

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